Peraih Nilai UN SMA Tertinggi Nasional


For the year 2012 winner of The National High school examination is Triawati Octavia of Brass in West Java. Though his academic performance at SMAN 2 Brass, Jabar quite ordinary. In fact, Triawati Octavia has never won the class. Is the highest achievement in the classroom through the big 15. However, when the results of national examinations (unas) announced SMA 26/5, he had ranked first nationally. How Triawati everyday?

NO one thought that Triawati Octavia, a class XII science students of SMAN 2 Brass 5 will be the winner of the highest value unas in Indonesia. So it is with Tria, Triawati familiar greeting. Teens who do not like to watch TV at all is said never thought I could achieve such phenomenal results unas. Results unas that to her surprise it suddenly made his name famous throughout the Brass, and even nationally.At first glance there is nothing special of themselves Triawati. When compared with colleagues who always champion class, achievement Tria no nothing. The school itself considers academic achievement Tria mediocre like most other students. In fact, never once Tria penetrate the top three in his class. Not surprisingly, the school also could not believe that the Tria could reach the highest unas in Indonesia.Tria looking for a home not too difficult. It lies on the edge of the highway Brass, ÄìCikijing. Tria live in RT 05, RW 02, Cinangsi Hamlet, Village Jagara, District Darma, Brass. From the city center takes about 20 minutes. Dimpled teenager's home is quite simple.In the two-story house painted yellow, Tria lived with two parents, Drs Hj Syahrul Arifin and Uhintawati AmKeb. The two brothers had worked as a civil servant in Jakarta. In the front room of his home be a place to practice as a midwife mother. While his father, Syahrul, were employees of District of Darma.
Tria is today driven home by a teacher and guardian class immediately hugged his mother, Uhintawati. Veiled women seemed proud of the spectacular results that are recorded her third child.Ten minutes later Syahrul came and hugged her daughter is. Atmosphere of emotion occur in an instant."I do not think my daughter can achieve results very encouraging. Moreover, for this achievement in ordinary schools. I was originally just hope Tria graduated with distinction and never imagined could reach the highest unas in Indonesia. Tria my mother and also really surprised to read a newspaper Radar Cirebon that contains the names of my child as a winner of the unas highest in Indonesia, "said Syahrul with stuttering sound.
"Early in the morning while in office, my friends told me that my son unas highest grade. I then nyari news. Sure enough, my son's name is listed. I am still in disbelief. Then, from SMAN 2 Brass give us the news that my child indeed achieve the highest unas. That is just I believe. This is all a gift from God, "continued Syahrul.
He told how his family everyday. His son, Syahrul and Uhintawati be firm. While studying, watching TV or prohibited Tria night out. So he said, Syahrul prohibit playing his favorite daughter Facebook. Moreover, while the implementation of the unas, he and his wife were actually watching his daughter learn.
Strict discipline, apparently, to fruition. "Maybe my wife and I are too firmly against the child because it was eager to see him (Tria, Red) graduated from the school. That's it," said Syahrul.
In addition to learning about, Syahrul always ask her Duha prayer and evening prayer. Assertion that two parents recognized Tria. The pretty teenager said the two parents were very strict.
"Mamah papah and very firm. But, I obey because they want to achieve a better future. I'm just trying to learn the good and it never occurred to achieve the highest test scores nationwide in Indonesia," Tria said that having a doctor's obsession.
In economic terms, Tria lucky. His family was quite well established. Two parents are civil servants. Syahrul Kasikesra served in the Office of the District of Darma and his mother worked in the health center Darma. One unit Kijang car parked in his garage.
Despite its economic well-established, Syahrul and Uhintawati choose a simple life. There was no luxury in his house. Chair in the living room was like most of the village's residents. In fact, the old model of a set of chairs arranged in such harmonious family living room.
Homeroom XII IPA 5 SMAN 2 Raindra mention Drs Brass, Tria-in-class performance mediocre. Not so prominent in his class and not the champion class. He's only been in top 15 in class.
However, Raindra revealed that Tria has its advantages. Especially in terms of persistence and learning crafts. High learning motivation and attitude are polite and courteous.
"Perhaps because he felt when work on the problems unas enjoy. Encouraged also by diligent worship like fasting Monday-Thursday and Duha prayer," he echoed the Head of SMAN 2 Brass Drs Bambang Sri Sadono MPd.
Homeroom teacher as well as chemical, daily Raindra knew Tria. Each gives him the task, the girl born October 28, 1993 is doing well. Raindra salute the magnitude of any stated motivation of the two parents Tria.
"When unas, the Tria I was asked how his parents encouragement. He replied, mamahnya diligent fasting during unas held," he said.
Indra, Raindra familiar greeting, assessing Tria family atmosphere conducive enough in educating his daughter. The atmosphere was very influential on the development of learning Triawati. Psychological burden borne by all participants thanks to support unas able diempaskan parents.
Radar data obtained Cirebon (Java Post Group) says, the six subjects who obtained Tria unas above 9. In fact, the special subjects of chemistry, a veiled girl's got a score of 10. The average value of unas purely for six subjects was 9.77.
Subject to the Indonesian language, Tria scored 9.8. The value is the same as English subjects. As for the math, he managed to get a value of 9.75, similar to physics. Tria is the smallest value of biological subjects, namely 9.5. If the total, the value 58.60.
Tria yesterday looking excited, but calm. To Radar Cirebon, a student who is active in student council and youth red cross (PMR) did not forget to be grateful to Allah SWT. He was very grateful to the two parents, teachers, and friends who fought together in the face of unas.
Tria was deeply shocked. Because, among his many friends, many of the more clever than himself. In fact, he often learned from friends who are smarter. "I was shocked to hear the news that fits. I think baseball might be," he said.
Asked plans after graduating high school, Tria want to continue studying in the UI (University of Indonesia). An eye on the faculty of public health sciences with a major in hospital management. She calmly that aspires to become a hospital manager.
Actually, this time he was accepted at the Faculty of Economics, University of Trisakti. However, it has not been decided because there is still time to register in June. Talking about learning tips, Tria said the same with other friends. The point is to pray and seek. When facing unas, he has special tips, which drive the spirit of learning and not careless.
"Actually when I want unas excited, more like my friends. But, thank God, it's time papah and Mamah and yakinin teachers so as to relieve me angry," said the judge student of physics as a subject in extreme poverty.

Untuk tahun 2012 Peraih Nilai UN SMA Tertinggi Nasional adalah Triawati Octavia dari Kuningan Jawa Barat. Padahal prestasi akademiknya di SMAN 2 Kuningan, Jabar tergolong biasa saja. Bahkan, Triawati Octavia belum pernah juara kelas. Prestasi tertingginya adalah menembus 15 besar di kelas. Namun, saat hasil ujian nasional (unas) SMA diumumkan 26/5, dia berhasil menempati peringkat pertama nasional. Bagaimana keseharian Triawati?

TAK ada yang menyangka bahwa Triawati Octavia, siswa kelas XII IPA 5 SMAN 2 Kuningan akan menjadi peraih nilai tertinggi unas se-Indonesia. Begitu juga halnya dengan Tria ‚sapaan akrab Triawati. Remaja yang tak suka menonton TV itu mengatakan sama sekali tidak pernah berpikir bisa meraih hasil unas sedemikian fenomenal. Hasil unas yang di luar dugaannya itu membuat namanya mendadak terkenal di seantero Kuningan, bahkan nasional.

Sepintas tidak ada yang istimewa dari diri Triawati. Jika dibandingkan dengan rekan-rekannya yang selalu juara kelas, prestasi Tria tak ada apa-apanya. Pihak sekolah sendiri menganggap prestasi akademik Tria biasa-biasa saja seperti kebanyakan siswa yang lain. Malah, tak pernah sekali pun Tria menembus posisi tiga besar di kelasnya. Tak mengherankan jika pihak sekolah juga nyaris tidak percaya bahwa Tria bisa meraih hasil unas tertinggi se-Indonesia.

Mencari rumah Tria tak terlalu sulit. Letaknya di pinggir jalan raya Kuningan–Cikijing. Tria tinggal di RT 05, RW 02, Dusun Cinangsi, Desa Jagara, Kecamatan Darma, Kuningan. Dari pusat kota hanya memakan waktu sekitar 20 menit. Rumah remaja berlesung pipit itu cukup sederhana.

Di rumah dua lantai bercat kuning itu, Tria tinggal bersama dua orang tuanya, Drs Syahrul Arifin dan Hj Uhintawati AmKeb. Dua kakaknya sudah bekerja sebagai PNS di DKI Jakarta. Di kamar depan rumahnya dijadikan tempat praktik sang ibu sebagai bidan. Sedangkan sang ayah, Syahrul, adalah pegawai Kecamatan Darma.

Tria yang kemarin diantar pulang oleh beberapa guru dan wali kelasnya langsung dipeluk sang ibunda, Uhintawati. Perempuan berjilbab itu terlihat bangga atas hasil spektakuler yang dicatatkan anak ketiganya itu.

Sepuluh menit kemudian Syahrul datang dan langsung memeluk putri kesayangannya tersebut. Suasana haru terjadi dalam sekejap.

"Saya sama sekali tak menyangka putri saya bisa meraih hasil yang sangat membanggakan. Apalagi, selama ini prestasi di sekolahnya biasa-biasa saja. Saya awalnya hanya mengharapkan Tria lulus sekolah dengan hasil memuaskan dan tak pernah terbayangkan bisa meraih nilai unas tertinggi se-Indonesia. Saya dan juga ibunya Tria benar-benar kaget begitu membaca koran Radar Cirebon yang memuat nama anak saya sebagai peraih nilai unas tertinggi se-Indonesia," papar Syahrul dengan suara terbata-bata.

"Pagi-pagi saat berada di kantor, teman-teman bilang bahwa anak saya meraih nilai tertinggi unas. Saya lalu nyari beritanya. Ternyata benar, nama anak saya tercantum. Saya masih tak percaya. Kemudian, dari SMAN 2 Kuningan ngasih kabar bahwa anak saya memang meraih nilai unas tertinggi. Itu baru saya percaya. Ini semua karunia dari Allah SWT," sambung Syahrul.

Dia menceritakan bagaimana keseharian keluarganya. Kepada anaknya, Syahrul dan Uhintawati bersikap tegas. Saat belajar, Tria dilarang menonton TV atau keluar malam. Saking tegasnya, Syahrul melarang putri kesayangannya itu main Facebook. Apalagi, saat pelaksanaan unas, dia dan istrinya benar-benar mengawasi putrinya belajar.

Disiplin yang ketat, rupanya, membuahkan hasil. "Mungkin saya dan istri saya terlalu tegas terhadap anak karena sangat ingin melihat dia (Tria, Red) lulus dari sekolahnya. Itu saja," kata Syahrul.

Selain soal belajar, Syahrul selalu meminta anaknya salat Duha dan salat malam. Sikap tegas dua orang tuanya itu diakui Tria. Remaja cantik tersebut mengatakan, dua orang tuanya sangat tegas.

"Papah dan Mamah sangat tegas. Tapi, saya mematuhi karena ingin meraih masa depan yang baik. Saya hanya berusaha belajar yang baik dan tak pernah terpikirkan bisa meraih nilai ujian nasional tertinggi se-Indonesia," tutur Tria yang memiliki obsesi menjadi dokter itu.

Dari sisi ekonomi, Tria termasuk beruntung. Keluarganya tergolong mapan. Dua orang tuanya adalah PNS. Syahrul menjabat Kasikesra di Kantor Kecamatan Darma dan ibunya bekerja di Puskesmas Darma. Satu unit mobil Kijang terparkir di garasi rumahnya.

Meski ekonominya mapan, Syahrul dan Uhintawati memilih hidup sederhana. Tak ada barang mewah di dalam rumahnya. Kursi di ruang tamu pun seperti kebanyakan milik warga di desanya. Bahkan, satu set kursi model lama tertata di ruang tengah keluarga harmonis tersebut.

Wali kelas XII IPA 5 SMAN 2 Kuningan Drs Raindra menyebutkan, prestasi Tria di kelas biasa-biasa saja. Di kelasnya tidak begitu menonjol dan bukan juara kelas. Dia hanya pernah masuk 15 besar di kelas.

Namun, Raindra mengungkapkan bahwa Tria memiliki kelebihan. Terutama dari sisi ketekunan dan kerajinan belajar. Motivasi belajarnya tinggi serta menunjukkan sikap yang sopan dan santun.

"Mungkin karena dia merasa enjoy ketika mengerjakan soal unas. Didorong pula dengan rajin beribadah seperti puasa Senin-Kamis dan salat Duha," tuturnya diamini Kepala SMAN 2 Kuningan Drs Bambang Sri Sadono MPd.

Sebagai wali kelas sekaligus guru kimia, Raindra tahu betul keseharian Tria. Setiap dirinya memberikan tugas, gadis kelahiran 28 Oktober 1993 tersebut mengerjakan dengan baik. Raindra pun menyatakan salut atas besarnya motivasi dua orang tua Tria.

"Sewaktu unas, saya sempat menanyakan kepada Tria bagaimana dorongan orang tuanya. Dia menjawab, mamahnya rajin puasa selama unas dilangsungkan," ujarnya.

Indra, sapaan akrab Raindra, menilai suasana keluarga Tria cukup kondusif dalam mendidik putrinya. Suasana tersebut sangat berpengaruh terhadap perkembangan belajar Triawati. Beban psikologis yang ditanggung seluruh peserta unas mampu diempaskan berkat dukungan orang tuanya.

Data yang diperoleh Radar Cirebon (Jawa Pos Group) menyebutkan, nilai enam mata pelajaran unas yang didapat Tria di atas 9. Bahkan, khusus mata pelajaran kimia, gadis yang berjilbab itu mendapat nilai 10. Rata-rata nilai unas murni untuk enam mata pelajaran adalah 9,77.

Untuk mata pelajaran bahasa Indonesia, Tria memperoleh nilai 9,8. Nilai itu sama dengan mata pelajaran bahasa Inggris. Sedangkan untuk matematika, dia berhasil mendapat nilai 9,75, sama dengan pelajaran fisika. Paling kecil nilai Tria adalah mata pelajaran biologi, yakni 9,5. Jika ditotal, nilainya 58,60.

Kemarin Tria terlihat gembira, namun tetap tenang. Kepada Radar Cirebon, siswi yang aktif di OSIS dan palang merah remaja (PMR) itu tak lupa bersyukur kepada Allah SWT. Dia sangat berterima kasih kepada dua orang tuanya, para guru, serta teman-teman yang berjuang bareng ketika menghadapi unas.

Tria mengaku sangat kaget. Sebab, di antara sekian banyak teman, banyak yang lebih pintar daripada dirinya. Bahkan, dia kerap belajar dari teman-teman yang lebih pintar. "Aku kaget pas dengar kabar itu. Kayaknya enggak mungkin," ucapnya.

Ditanya rencana selepas lulus SMA, Tria ingin meneruskan kuliah di UI (Universitas Indonesia). Fakultas yang diincarnya adalah ilmu kesehatan masyarakat dengan jurusan manajemen rumah sakit. Gadis kalem itu bercita-cita ingin menjadi manajer rumah sakit.

Sebetulnya saat ini dia sudah diterima di Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Trisakti. Namun, hal itu belum diputuskan karena masih ada waktu registrasi hingga Juni mendatang. Berbicara tentang kiat belajar, Tria mengatakan sama dengan teman-teman yang lain. Intinya adalah berdoa dan berusaha. Kala menghadapi unas, dia mempunyai tips khusus, yakni memacu semangat belajar dan tidak berleha-leha.

"Sebenarnya waktu mau unas aku deg-degan, kayak temen-temen lainnya. Tapi, alhamdulillah, waktu itu Papah dan Mamah serta para guru yakinin aku sehingga mampu mengurangi rasa gusar," tutur siswi yang menilai fisika sebagai mata pelajaran sulit tersebut.

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